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Over the past several years, Monroe has experienced increasing growth with new local businesses opening and more people moving into the area. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented Monroe with new challenges that are not yet fully understood. To better understand current community priorities and needs, the City is completing a citywide visioning process, entitled Imagine Monroe, that will culminate in the development of a mission statement, vision statement, and core values. These documents will form the foundation for policymaking, budgeting, land and infrastructure planning, and programing for the next thirty years. 

To ensure this process equitably reflects all voices in Monroe, the City has convened a Sounding Board of representatives with a variety of lived experiences to work together to identify community priorities and needs, and recommend a revised mission statement, vision statement, and core values to Mayor Geoffrey Thomas and the City Council.

Imagine Monroe Sounding Board

The main purpose of the Imagine Monroe Sounding Board is to:

  • Provide input into the outreach and communications plan for the City’s visioning project. 
  • Reflect the interests and needs of Monroe’s diverse community networks to ensure broad participation in the process to update the City’s vision statement and core values. 
  • Review findings from the visioning process and recommend a draft mission statement, vision statement and core values before these documents are finalized by Mayor Thomas and the City Council.

Sounding Board’s role

Sounding Board participants will:

  • Review materials, complete pre-meeting activities, and come to meetings prepared to discuss, listen, and learn.
  • Develop an understanding of the City of Monroe’s current mission statement, vision statement, and core values. 
  • Communicate with and represent the needs and priorities of their networks in the City of Monroe. 
  • Partner with City staff to develop and recommend a revised mission and vision statement and core values that reflect current community priorities and needs.


Aisha SialMichael Bumpus
Allan DyePastor Michael Hanford
Brandi BlairNathan Duong
Cindy ChessiePaul Sanders
Darryl JacobsenPeter Maxson
Drew JamesRenee Uribe-Sayah
Janelle DrewsRoger Evans
Joan BrownTami Kinney
Dr. Justin BlaskoYesica Carmel
JulieAnn UhYvonne Thompson-Wynn