Park Planning

Highway 2 Bypass Temporary Trail StudyWestern Washington Presentation

Western Washington University (WWU) students participating in Sustainable Communities Program concluded the program’s coursework with a presentation to City of Monroe’s Park Board February 20, 2020.  The student’s studied the City’s proposed temporary trail within the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) US 2 Bypass right-of-way, between Chain Lake Road to the east and eastern edge of Snohomish County Fairgrounds.  The Program provided an opportunity for students to use the Trail project to gain experience working on an actual project with real-world conditions and clients.   

The three reports will assist City staff in developing a conceptual site plan to be used in future discussions with WSDOT. For more information, email

Their reports may be found here:

Lake Tye Park and Cadman Master Plans 

In early 2018, the City’s Parks and Recreation Department completed long range master planning work for an existing park, Lake Tye Park, and future city park, Cadman Site.  HBB Landscape Architects of Seattle served as the City’s consultant in this effort.  The plans were developed from an extensive public involvement process where the community provided a vision for the future of these parks.

The planning process began in 2017 and included a robust public outreach effort where the community, Park Board, and City Council participated in developing plans and designs to incorporating surrounding community values, celebrating the unique context of each site.  The final plan was approved by the Monroe City Council, winter 2019.

One of the signature planning elements strongly recommended by the community is ‘Lake Tye All Weather Field Project’ (Lake Tye Project). The City began implementing the Lake Tye Project in 2018 with the development of construction plans, completing City land use and permitting requirements, and by obtaining supplemental grant funding. Total project funding has yet be to be identified. The City is completing the budgeting and planning process for fiscal year 2020-2021 and will provide guidance for funding thereafter. For more information, email

North Hill Park Acquisition

North Hill Park Location

The City of Monroe is proposing to acquire 5 acres of land to develop into a public neighborhood park in the City’s rapidly-developing North Hill Area of Monroe.  Because of planned development, rapid growth and the resulting underserved population, acquiring parkland in this area has been listed as a high priority in our Parks, Recreation & Open Space (PROS) plans for over a decade.  Our current PROS Plan states that it is critical to reach the City’s Level of Service Objective in the North Hill area of town. This acquisition is also identified in our City’s 2020 budget, 5-year Strategic Plan, and a stated goal in our Comprehensive Plan Community Development Vision and Policy. Check here for updates on this acquisition project.  

Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) PlanPark Planning

The Parks and Recreation Department has initiated development of its Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) Plan for the years 2023-2043.   The purpose of the plan is to provide long-term guidance to City of Monroe in planning the City’s future, identifying ways that parks, facilities, trails, and programs can enhance community livability, meet the needs of new growth, increase economic impacts, protect trees and other natural resources, and maximize the City’s investments for its residents.  

What is interesting is that this is a 20-year plan, with a six-year CIP, being developed at a time when no one knows exactly what next month will bring. Planning for Monroe’s parks’ future will require strategic insights, adaptable tactics, and collaborative empowerment.

Washington State’s Growth Management Act (GMA) requires local governments develop and adopt comprehensive plans and include a parks and recreation element. The City of Monroe’s Parks Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan serves as the city’s parks and recreation element. 

Because the PROS Plan represents the Parks and Recreation element of the City’s comprehensive plan, it will go before the Planning Commission in 2021 for review.  The PROS Plan is targeted to be brought to City Council December 2021. For more information, email