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Who do I call for other utilities?Electric: PUD (425) 783-1000; Natural Gas: Puget Sound Energy (888) 225-5773; Solid Waste: Republic Services (800) 942-5965

Who do I call regarding train crossing malfunctions or safety issues? Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF), (800) 832-5452

Where do I pay traffic and parking infractions?Monroe Municipal Court, 806 W. Main Street, Monroe, WA 98272. (360) 863-4548

Are pet licenses required in the City?Yes. Licenses for dogs and cats are available HERE with proof of rabies vaccination. There is a $15 annual fee for each altered pet (spayed/neutered), and a $30 annual fee for each unaltered pet. Contact the PD—(360) 794-6300.

Are door-to-door sales permitted in the City?Yes, with a permit. Contact Amy Bright at (360) 863-4533 or

Do I need a business license?Business licenses are required if your place of business is within the City limits. Refer to Contact Amy Bright at (360) 863-4533 or with Business Licensing Questions.

How do I register to vote?Mail-in forms are available at the School District Office, the Library, and at the Fire Department.

How do I find out about City jobs?Information about City job openings can be obtained HERE, on Comcast channel 21, or by calling Human Resources at (360) 863-4523.

How do I report a pot hole or other unsafe street condition within the Monroe City limits? Call Public Works at (360) 794-6100 during regular business hours, or go online HERE. Call 911 after normal business hours to report any situation that is an emergency such as a fallen or missing STOP sign.

How do I report a street light out?Call Snohomish County PUD at (425) 783-1000 during regular business hours. You will need to provide the address of the pole and the pole number.

Are permits required to build a fence in the City? Yes. A fence permit is required. Information and applications can be found HERE. Please contact Leigh Anne Barr, Permit Technician at for information on the process. There is no charge for a fence permit.

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