Homelessness Policy Advisory Committee


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Committee Members
Rachel Adams
Jim Bloss
Jennifer Chavez
Sean Cramer
Kyle Fischer
Jason Gamble (ad-hoc)
Geoffrey Godfrey
Phil Spirito (ad-hoc)
Todd Strickler
Bridgette Tuttle
Heidie Waxham
Mary Wysocki


The purpose of the Homelessness Policy Advisory Committee (HPAC) is to provide a forum for the coordination of information among local citizens and stakeholders to seek thoughtful, effective, and lasting solutions to the City’s homelessness crisis, and to facilitate assistance for unsheltered persons in the Monroe community. The HPAC will provide the Mayor and City Council with nonbinding advice and recommendations regarding issues related to homelessness.


The HPAC is an ad hoc advisory body established by Resolution No. 001/2019, approved by the Monroe City Council on January 22, 2019. The HPAC shall serve in a purely recommendatory, as-requested, capacity. Nothing herein shall be construed as requiring the City Council to solicit, accept, and/or follow any recommendation(s) proposed by the HPAC as a prerequisite for any City Council action.

Responsibilities and Functions

As may be requested by the Mayor and the City Council, the HPAC will:
- Provide nonbinding advice and recommendations to the Mayor and City Council in the formulation, monitoring, implementation, and review of the City’s homelessness programs and policies; and
- Provide nonbinding advice or assistance to the Mayor and City Council on any other issues related to homelessness.

In recognition of the important role that other organizations and agencies play in addressing the needs of homeless persons and issues related thereto, the HPAC will consider and make recommendations concerning potential partnerships between the City and such organizations to ensure appropriate collaboration, maximize efficiencies, and coordinate efforts and resources.

Membership; Duration

The HPAC shall consist of nine to eleven members representing a cross section of local residents, businesses, faith communities, service providers, and the City of Monroe. Members shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council. Members may be removed by the Mayor.

At the City Council’s discretion, the HPAC shall be disbanded upon completion of the objectives set forth herein.

Obligations of Members

Members of the HPAC, in performing their duties, shall:
• Act honestly and in good faith;
• Participate in the work of the HPAC; and
• Perform their duties in a manner ensuring that the public trust in the integrity, objectivity, and impartiality of the HPAC is preserved and enhanced.

Meetings and Minutes

The HPAC will meet at 6:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of every month in the City Council Chambers of Monroe City Hall. Other meetings of the HPAC may be scheduled as needed, with notice sent to the members with an agenda at least twenty-four hours in advance.

Meetings of the HPAC shall be open to the public and shall comply with Chapter 42.30 RCW, the Open Public Meetings Act, to the extent required by law. Provided, that no public comment shall be allowed at HPAC meetings. Meeting schedule here.

A quorum for purposes of any meeting shall be the number of HPAC members who represent a simple majority of all members.

HPAC meeting minutes will be approved at the beginning of each meeting. Minutes will be distributed to the committee members and available on the City’s website.


Advice and recommendations of the committee relating to specific projects and policies will be reported to the Mayor and City Council as requested.


Members of the HPAC shall serve without compensation.