The City of Monroe is in the process of renovating its development code. This renovation would replace the existing development code, which is currently located in Titles 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21 of the Monroe Municipal Code (MMC), with one unified, user-friendly set of rules. The purpose of the development code renovation is to simplify its content, streamline the City’s permitting process, and increase flexibility.

How does this affect me?

You may never notice most of the potential changes to the development code. However, other modifications could impact Monroe in visible ways. The following topics may be of interest to many residents:

  • Changes to residential density, which is the number of lots and/or housing units allowed for each acre
  • Ways to protect and preserve the existing tree canopy
  • Design standards to provide aesthetic consistency for building exteriors throughout various parts of the city
  • Deciding which types of land uses are permitted to locate where
  • Landscaping standards for new and existing developments
  • Subdivision and Planned Residential Development (PRD) requirements
  • Standards for walls and fences

 How can I help?

The City of Monroe wants YOU to get involved! There will be many opportunities to participate by speaking and offering input, including:

  • Attending Planning Commission meetings regularly. These are scheduled for the second and fourth Mondays of each month. The meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers in City Hall at 806 West Main Street, Monroe, WA 98272.
  • Asking to be put on the mailing list to receive updates. To request to be on the mailing list, please email Shana Restall, Senior Planner.


The Planning Commission Public Hearing for the Unified Development Regulations has now been RESCHEDULED to the meeting of February 25, 2019.



DRAFT UDR Zoning Map

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.10 Administration and Enforcement

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.12_Definitions

DRAFT CHAPTER_21.14_Zoning Districts

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.16 SFR (Single Family Residential) Zoning Districts

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.18 MFR (Multi-Family Residential) Zoning Districts

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.20 Mixed Use Zones

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.22 Downtown Commercial Zone

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.24 Tourist Commercial Zone

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.26 General Commercial Zones

DRAFT CHAPTER_21.28_Industrial_Zones

DRAFT CHAPTER_21.30_Transportation_Zone

DRAFT CHAPTER_21.32_Institutional_Zone

DRAFT CHAPTER_21.34_Limited_Open_Space_Zone

DRAFT CHAPTER_21.36_Parks_Zone

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.38 Essential Public Facilities (EPF's)

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.40 Nonconformance and Reuse Standards

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.42 Design Standards

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.44 Parking Standards and Design

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.46 Landscaping Standards

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.50 Signage

DRAFT CHAPTER_21.52_Affordable_Housing

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.54 Airport Compatibility


DRAFT CHAPTER 21.58 Site Plan Review

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.60 Temporary Uses

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.62 Wireless Communication Facilities

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.64 Conditional Use Permits

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.66 Variances

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.68 Subdivisions

DRAFT CHAPTER_21.70_Develop_Agreement

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.72 Unified Development Regulation Amendments

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.74 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

DRAFT CHAPTER_21.76_Annexations


DRAFT CHAPTER_21.80_Critical_Areas

DRAFT CHAPTER_21.82_Shoreline_Management

DRAFT CHAPTER 21.84 Permit Processing