Powell Street Reconstruction

Project Description

This project's objective is to reconstruct a portion of Powell Street, specifically the block between S. Kelsey Street and S. Sams Street. This segment has a poor pavement condition and localized stormwater ponding issues. 

The City looks to capitalize on full pavement depth reconstruction projects such as this by researching the existing underground utilities and determining if they are candidates for replacement due to age or maintenance issues. As such, an existing water main will also be replaced.

Another opportunity exists at the intersection with S. Sams Street. The current layout has Powell street "jogging" through the intersection, which is not ideal for traffic operations.

Project Open House and Opinion Survey
The City is looking at options to improve this intersection and invite you to participate in an online survey and virtual open house presentation. Please use the following links to participate in these events:

5/25/2021 - The Opinion Survey has been closed
​4/26/2021 -Issues with ranking for questions 2&3 have been resolved 

Opinion Survey

Project Updates

Sept. 29, 2021

City Council has approved the Traffic Calming Guidebook.  Staff will restart design work to include allowed traffic calming items as are practical for this project.  

June 28, 2021

The project design development is paused while City staff review the public comments received during the June 8th council meeting. 

June 10, 2021

Please note: The Council will not be discussing the project during the upcoming June 15th council meeting. The project design development is paused while City staff review the public comments received during the June 8th council meeting. We appreciate the citizen comments and concerns about traffic issues and look forward to resuming the design efforts at a later time.

May 26, 2021

City Staff has, after several meetings and discussions, review of citizen comments, review of survey results and verifying compliance with City Code come to the following design criteria.  The intersection at Powell and Sam's will not line up but instead be off-set, Powell will have a 10-foot drive lane, 8-foot parking lane, planter and sidewalk on each side per City standards, the back of new sidewalk on the south side of Powell will remain at the same location as the back of the existing sidewalk, the new sidewalk on the north side of Powell will match the layout on the south side, There will be no loss of legal parallel parking along Powell, bulb-outs will be installed on the west side of the intersection of Powell and Sam's and the east side of the intersection of Powell and South Kelsey.

April 29, 2021

City has a survey link above seeking public input on alternate configurations for the intersection of Sams St. and Powell St.  Please review the Design Alternatives before taking the Opinion Survey.  You may find it beneficial to have both open at once.  This project is still in the Scoping phase.

Project Timeline

Phase Target Date
Design 2021
Construction Begins Spring 2022
Construction Ends Summer 2022

Project Location

Powell St Vicinity Map IMAGE